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Human Performance

Athlete performance testing and analysis

Unlock your potential with percision performance testing

Optimise your endurance training like never before with our human performance physiological testing.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your running or cycling, then relying solely on your heart rate monitor and fitness watch mean you’re only seeing part of the picture. Where heart rate is great at giving you an indication of your overall fitness and reaction to training. Blood lactate testing takes this one step further to show you what’s happening in the muscles. Furthermore, your heart rate zones are quite often set by your monitor app or watch based upon your age and the prediction formula 220-age. Where this is great for starting out, but as you become fitter, research has shown this formula becomes less accurate.

Here at OneTake Fitness we TEST rather than GUESS

Our human performance testing comprises two parts, first we take you through a submaximal graded test on either our treadmill ergometer (for runners), or our WattBike Pro (for cyclists). During this test we’ll take a small pin-prick blood sample from either your fingertip or earlobe every 3-4 minutes, the results of which will allow us to prepare your blood lactate profile. Here we’ll identify two key lactate thresholds. The second of these, your lactate threshold LT2 (also known as the onset of blood lactate accumulation), is the point in which your muscles are producing MORE lactate than your body can get rid of. This lactate threshold is highly related to the highest pace (power) that you can sustain for 30-60 minutes and forms the border between two key training zones.

Next, you have the option to complete a maximal graded test. This is included at no extra cost; however, it is much more exhausting than the lactate profile test, hence it is offered an extra. Here, after a short rest you’ll continue on the treadmill ergometer (or WattBike) until volatile exhaustion. During this period, we’ll continue to measure heart rate and exertion until you can no longer maintain the required pace (power output). From this test we can determine your actual maximum heart rate, along with an accurate prediction of your VO2max and determine velocity (power) at VO2max. All physiological tests are carried out by our Head Coach, Martin Whitaker using accurate and validated testing equipment, equivalent to what you would expect to see in a sports science laboratory within a university.

Personalised training zones based on your blood lactate levels allow you to train SMARTER by working with your individual physiology to unleash your full potential.

Test prices start from just £99 and last between 60-90 minutes. For more information about testing or to book an appointment contact


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